Peach Dump Cake

This recipe couldn’t be easier because you literally just ‘dump’ the ingredients into the crockpot and cook. No stirring except for the starch and no pre-work unless you use fresh peaches. The chef recommends frozen unless your peaches are in season (late April to late June). Otherwise, they will not be sweet enough.

Baked peach dump cake usually calls for canned peaches in heavy syrup. The slow cooker method produces a tastier and fresher version.

Consider using other than white cake mix such as lemon, banana or chocolate.

Serve your dump cake in style in this trendy blue Sapphire Bormioli Rocco Jerba Dessert Bowls. This is a great party dish with it hand wrap around handle and solid base.  5-1/2 inches in height. Perfect 12 ounce capacity. Made in Italy.

Italians are famous for their Gelato - and Bormilo Rocco has many serving dishes to enjoy this treat with. The Jerba dessert bowl has a unique stem that makes it easy to put you hand around, making it easy to hold without making your hand cold!
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